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Welcome to Copier Specialists,We are Bumiputera Status company situated in Petaling Jaya. We provide Sales,Pure Rental,Rent to own, Easy Payment and leasing of Copiers machine,where we’ve been providing copiers and copier service for more than 10 years Servicing and repairing of Copiers , Black/white & colour machine. Supply of consumables, toner and replacement parts of copiers. Selling Brand Ricoh & Canon machine , best offer in town . Contact us today for details on same day service and special promotions. We look forward to presenting you with exactly what you need at costs that are designed to cater to every budget and price range!         *#*Specialising in the following areas    #***Qualified Technicians        #***Colour Multi-Function Printers & Solutions            #***Low equipment maintenance cost    #***Fast Sales Approval & Machine Delivery          *#**Warranty up to 5 year        **#*Prompt & Efficient Service***



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